New Course “Breath Work”

March 26, 19h

This course of 1.5 hours is for anyone with novice or advanced experience in meditation or yoga who wants to expand and refine their experience and understanding of meditation and breath work. This is about enhancing you own sensitivity, intelligence, and wise choices to map your unique way and path forward. It is experience plus expertise. No special belief, metaphysic, or guru required.

It is:

  • Practical
  • Experiential
  • Insightful
  • And yes fun!

This Webinar has two parts and two meditation experiences.

Part One of this webinar is a focus on specific tools of breathwork and its foundational role in meditation, healing, and sense of self.

Part Two of this webinar looks carefully at the ancient distinctions of prana, kundalini, and chakras. We look at these through the lens of breakthroughs from new physics. What do chakras have to do with wholes, the capacity to merge into levels of undivided wholeness, and how we use the master breath to open our perception and ability to self-heal.

We will practice a second meditation that uses the master breath to open three chakra centers.

These two parts together introduce you to a unique and fascinating journey that is at once contemporary, traditional, and forward looking. This is a way to have experiences and map your own inner territory.

Simply Register, fill out some background information, and pay the course fees.
You will receive access to

  • Two videos of the meditations
  • Two PDFs of the meditation practices
  • A description of the master breath
  • The link to the live-stream on March 26; available from 6 pm

This webinar prepares you to join the full course and benefit from its three 6-hour sessions done in three consecutive months.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., C-IYTA

is an affiliated scholar at Chapman University in Orange, California. There he collaborates with their Institute for Quantum Studies on projects for leading edge applications of quantum foundations to the nature of consciousness and our capacity as human beings. He has worked with Chapman’s Fish Interfaith Center since 2013. He contributes to original research in meditation, breath, and wellness. He developed several global training programs in meditation and its application to leadership, wellness, and personal transformation. He is the premier trainer for practitioners of the yoga of awareness since 1969. He authored and advocates Breath Walk to integrate meditation, walking, eco-immersion, and engagement with nature.

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