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The course comprises three “journeys”, each running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
1st Journey  30.10 – 01.11.20
2nd Journey  06.11 – 08.11.20
3rd Joruney  20.11 – 22.11.20

The course comprises three “journeys”, each running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

We will start Friday evening at 19:30 hrs with an introduction to the journey, along with a preparatory meditation, and will end around 21:00 hrs.
Saturday and Sunday the course will run from 09:30 to 18:00, with a lunch break from 13-14 hrs. Next to the online presentations, there will be instructions for the specific meditations, individual practice of meditations, periods of relaxation, sessions for discussions and exchange in small groups, as well as several shorter breaks.
In addition we offer on both mornings to participate at 05:30 in a joint sadhana, with recitation, kundalini yoga, and meditations.

Please arrange your situation so you may participate as completely as possible.

There will be limited additional task for you to complete before and after each journey.

You may register an time, up to 24 hours before a course starts. Pricing for the total course with its three journeys is 635€. (If you have already registered and paid by 26.08, you will pay that lower price.) Each journey may be booked individually as well for a price of 230€. You may cancel your reservation for a cost of 30€ up to 24 hours before the course starts. No cancellations will be considered after that time.

Course languages are German and English, with translation into the respective other language.
Gurucharan Singh Khalsa will teach in English, other trainers will teach in German or English.

There will be some group work during each journey. We will try our best to consider language restrictions. More information will follow at a later point.

Please let us know during registration, if you prefer to follow the presentations and associated discussions in German, or in English, or if you could participate equally in either language.

You will participate in an online course.
You will need a computer or laptop (Windows PC/Mac), a tablet or smartphone (Android/iOS).
The larger your screen, the easier it is to recognize some of the content. That is why we recommend using a computer (desktop or laptop).
Your device has to be equipped with speakers and microphone. This is the case for tablets and smartphones, as for many laptops. A “desktop” computer might need additional equipment. Please make sure well ahead of the event ignorer to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For your participation you will need to install a special software, which is free of charge. (This software can be uninstalled later, if needed.) If needed, it is  advisable to ask for technical support to install, register and configure the software. More details will follow soon, certainly before October.

For questions around registration, please contact Rama Preet Kaur Andrea Stärr RamaPreet(at) Please sind general question regarding the course to: info(at)

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