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We are again planning a course of “The 21 Stages of Meditation” for 2021.
Reflecting the unstable overall situation we are preparing for two alternatives:

A) In-Person course for 7 days early November 21

  • Sun 31.10 evening – Sun 07.11.2021 noon
    • Preliminary dates, subject to change any time!

B) Online course on 3 weekends of November 21

  • Fri 29.10 evening – So 31.10.2021 afternoon
  • Fri 05.11 noon – So 07.11.2021 afternoon
  • Fri 19.11 evening – So 21.11.2021 afternoon
    • Preliminary dates, subject to change any time!

As we know more, we will inform through our newsletter and on this site.

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