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The course is located in:
Seminarhaus Shanti
Campus Yoga Vidya e.V.
Yogaweg 1
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg (near Bielefeld)

Lodging and vegetarian board is offered as well.
PLease book directly with Seminarhaus Shanti.
Single, double and rooms with 4 beds are available, all with ensuite bathroom.

The course runs from Sunday, 30.10. – 06.11.2022.

It comprises six days of training, grouped into three two-day “journeys”, which may also be booked individually.
Between the second and third journeys the morning is off for relaxation.

Please arrange your arrival and departure times to allow yourself full participation for the course.

The course starts on Sunday, 30. October 2022 at 17:30 with a joint dinner, followed by a welcome and introduction. Classes itself start on Monday, 31. October at 09:00.

It comprises six days of training, grouped into “journeys”, which may also be booked individually.
Each journey takes 2 days, with an extra morning off for relaxation, between the second and third journeys. So the third journey will start Friday, 04. November in the afternoon, ending with a brunch on Sunday, 06. November at 11:30, after an early start at 05:30.

In addition we offer the opportunity for a daily sadhana at 5:30, a morning practice comprising recitations, Kundalini Yoga and meditations.

Please arrange your arrival and departure times to allow yourself full participation for the course.

In-Person participation allows for a full immersion into all meditations, supported by the group’s energy.

For some this in-person participation may not or only partly be possible. For this reason we decided to offer the option to participate online only, or even mixing some online and some in-person days.

We will support online participants to the fullest extent possible. However, there will be some elements that cannot be offered through online commenctions. As example, some relaxation periods will be accompanied by gong and sound bowls being played, which are impossible to transmit through Zoom, so we will replace them by other means.

complete COURSE

685 € regular
600 € as an early bird if you register and pay by 26.08.2022

575 € with bring-a-friend discount, where you register with a friend for all three journeys; so together you will pay 1.150€.

Reflecting the special situation in these times, we will also offer further reductions on individual request, for a limited number of participants in need.
In order to be able to offer this reduction for people in need, we welcome donations of 50 € or 100 €, for which we will provide donation receipts.

COURSE single journey only

250 € Course fee for a single journey; no further reductions


Bord and lodging will be charged between 31,50 – 61,50 € per day.
Registration and invoicing will be directly through the team of Seminarhaus Shanti: Tel 05234 87 2332 or gastgruppen(at)

Cancelation Policy
COURSE: If you cancel the course by September 30, we will refund the full fee without a 50€ registration fee, by Oct 14 we will refund 50% of the full fee, reduced by the 50€ registration fee. No refunds are possible for later cancelation, early departures, or no shows. If a registration with a bring-a-friend-discount is canceled, the remaining participant will be calculated with the regular price.
You may nominate a substitute participant that takes over the course you have booked.

ROOM and BOARD: For canceling room and board the regulations of Seminarhaus Shanti apply.

Course languages are German and English, with interpretation into the respective other language.
Gurucharan Singh Khalsa teaches in English, the other trainers in German.

Please let us know during registration, whether you are restricted to German or English as language, or if you participate equally in both.

With any questions regarding registration, please contact:
Claudia Baumann

Please direct general questions regarding the course and program to: info(at)

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