Trainers for this seminar

Kai Michaelis

Kai Michaelis

Lead Trainer

Practices and teaches Kundalini Yoga for more than 40 years, as a source of well-being and for personal growth. Since 2001 he trains Kundalini Yoga teachers internationally.
Kai is Co-founder of the Kundalin Yoga Zentrum München, as of regional 3HO groups for Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan.
With a comprehensive training in business and engineering, as well as in applied mathematics, Kai has worked for more than 30 years as a Manager for large corporations.

Some of the comments on Kai from participants:

  • “Kai is always open, heartful, takes his time and guides with clarity, humour, and from a wide range of knowledge and experience.“
  • “Inspiring and impressive. Full of commitment and dedication, always approachable, clear and friendly. Thanks you’re your untiring commitment. Great to have you as a teacher.“
  • “Wonderful introductions into the meditations, good explanations and presence.“

Jodha Kaur praktiziert seit 20 Jahren Kundalini Yoga und bildet seit einigen Jahren in nationalen wie internationalen Teams Kundalini YogalehrerInnen aus.

Die ausgebildete Logopädin mit Schwerpunkt Stimme hat sich schon früh der Arbeit mit Klang verschrieben. So ist der Gong für sie ein heiliges Instrument und Klang die Medizin der Zukunft.

Mit Sat Nam Rasayan hat sich ein weiteres Puzzleteil in ihr Spektrum eingefügt und fließt bereichernd in alle Aspekte des Unterrichtens mit ein.

Einige Kommentare von Teilnehmern zu Jodha Kaur:

  • „Präsent, gute Anleitung der Meditationen, leichte & verständliche Erklärungen, hilfsbereit. Gong war super!“
  • „Danke für Deine offene, herzliche Art. Dein Strahlen hat mich inspiriert.“
  • „Sie hat den Gong wunderbar gespielt. Eine sehr liebe und weise Person. Erklärt sehr gut verständlich.“
Jodha Kaur Mörmann

Jodha Kaur Mörmann

Professional Trainer (not with KRI any more)

On this course

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, author of “The 21 Stages of Meditation”, designed this course and selected suitable meditations in a personal dialog with Yogi Bhajan.

He is an acclaimed expert of meditation and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. He draws on many years of close cooperation with Yogi Bhajan, decades of teaching and consulting, as well as interdisciplinary research at leading universities. In his teaching he combines precise guidance with passion, compasison and lots of humor.

Sinse 1969 he compiled and interpreted the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa combines Western scientific training with Eastern traditions to develop practical approaches to personal growth and fulfillment. His major emphasis was in mathematics, with a broad training in physics, chemistry, engineering and a minor in psychology. Later he earned a Master in Education and a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on research in meditation and clinical counseling.

Gurucharan is author of The 21 Stages of Meditation. He co-authored Breathwalk and The Mind with Yogi Bhajan and co-edited The Psychospiritual Clinician’s Handbook. In addition, he has contributed original research on the effects and use of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

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